Based on industrial grade WIFI GPS router high-speed train wifi application program

Today, with the rapid development of mobile Internet, users hope to enjoy entertainment, online shopping, and access to information anytime and anywhere. High-speed trains are one of the places where smartphone users use mobile Internet frequently. Most passengers tend to use mobile terminals to access the Internet. Passing the journey time, there is a clear need for "train WiFi".
system design

High-speed rail WIFI GPS router coverage provides a solution:

Through multi-network integrated communication technology, in actual operation, more than any carrier's 4G bandwidth overlay and tens of megabytes of communication bandwidth are obtained, and passengers can surf the Internet, chat, and scan web pages;

In the trains, the workshop connection technology is used to build the on-board local area network, forming a virtual community of nearly 1,000 people in the car. Passengers can make friends and games in the car;

By setting up a LAN mode, passengers can download applications, watch HD videos, and more on each hard drive.
The overall plan is as follows:

In this scheme, each car is deployed with a high-end car WIFI GPS router for wireless coverage, and the cars are interconnected by wireless bridge or network cable. One high-end car WiFi route is deployed in one train, and the train passes through the router's dual 4G chain. The road is connected to the Internet, and the high-end car WiFi routing uses a gigabit wireless network to synchronize local storage information in the station. When the user accesses the intercommunication, the high-end car WIFI GPS router audits, controls the security, applies the application, and limits the traffic according to the received data of the user accessing the Internet.

At the same time, the entire network is equipped with a marketing management platform, which can realize user access authentication through various convenient authentication methods such as WeChat and SMS, and push rich advertising content at the time of authentication to help customers collect key behavior data of end users. Big data mining provides the basis for data support and profitability,


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